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About Dog For Homes

dogforhomes.com is a privately funded website to help pets lovers to find a desirable pet from our database. Our main aim is to help rehouse these innocent pets with loving families in all over the United States of America and the rest of the world. We  sell, adopt and rehouse these amazing pets to those families who will look after these pets and give them loving family environments.

To us, dogs are more than just pets — they’re tail-wagging, best-friending, sometimes shoe-chewing members of the family. But the system for getting a new dog is broken, and dogs are suffering. The ease of setting up a storefront online is making the puppy mill problem worse and worse. Well-intentioned people, who just want dogs to get a good home are scares. So we purchase them take good care of them and find them homes.

dogforhomes.com makes it simple for people to get dogs from good sources. We provide all the support and guidance you need to feel confident every step of the way in purchasing your favorite puppy.

Health & Behavior First

All dogs deserve the best chance at a healthy, well-adjusted life in a loving home. We’ve created a set of standards in collaboration with leading veterinary and animal welfare science experts that puts the health and well-being of dogs first. We screen every member of our community for responsible practices and are committed to helping people find a dog from a source that prioritizes the welfare of their dogs.

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